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The Curry Consulting Group, LLC was formed with the sole purpose of helping Business Owners overcome the challenges that are holding them back from their Dreams - Dreams such as having a profitable business, feeling free and happy, developing a new service or turning a hobby in to a career.

We are fully insured and have over 15 years of experience helping People and Businesses grow!  I'm confident our services can help you, too.


Let me take a moment to introduce myself and my affiliate partner Jen.  We would love to meet with you to put together a custom package that will help you reach your goals.  Thank you for visiting!


Tracey Curry


My name is Tracey and I am the founder of Curry Consulting Group, LLC.  I started this company after years of managing other businesses - from a being an office manager at a small landscaping company to the Sales Administration Manager at a multi-million dollar company.  Throughout my career, I found I had a gift and talent for strategy and organization, for making streamlined processes and easing the tension of my fellow employees.

Jen Duff

Affiliate Partner

Jen was actually my first client! I assisted her in the growth and development of her company Growing Green Tomatoes.  During that time, I realized her vision and mission aligned with my own so much that I asked her to partner with me and my future clients. Jen brings years of experience and loads of heart to the table.  It's a joy and pleasure to have her on my team.

Learn more about Jen here.

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